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The Pivot Collection Tool (a.k.a. Pauthor) is a command line tool for converting Pivot collections between a variety of formats (CSV, Excel, CXML with raw images, and CXML with DeepZoom images) and for creating imagery for those collections. This tool is ideal for a wide variety of cases from quickly converting any spreadsheet into a Pivot collection to serious collection authors creating collections as part of an automated workflow. With a built-in image creation system based upon HTML and CSS, you’ll find it very easy to augment your existing images, or generate entirely new images from scratch.

Pauthor is also available as an open source C# library. The library contains classes to allow you to build and modify collections in memory, as well as read and write them in a variety of formats. The library also defines a number of extension points from which you can define your own collection formats and “filters” to modify collections in a generic way. The library is ideal for C# developers who would like to incorporate Pivot creation functionality into their own applications.

If you'd like to learn more about Pivot and how to use this library to create Pivot collections, please go to

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