Mismatch in Deepzoom image Index in CXML and DZC files

Jan 8, 2011 at 10:03 PM

While processing a huge record set we found out that it sometimes happens that for few records in the data set the consecutive records have there deep zoom index incorrectly set in the CXML files... Because of this issue some of the images in the display are incoorectly mapped to wrong facets and it also renders incorrect output in Pivot Viewer... To fix the same, introduce the following change in the Submit function of ParallelDeepZoomCreator class...

Instead of the statement at (line number 112): return m_dziPaths.Count - 1;

use the following statement: return m_dziPaths.IndexOf(dziTargetPath);

This fixes the issue, it seems like because of multi-threading...

Thanks & Regards,